Thawed Out Thursday: New Orleans Jambalaya

Andrew and I both got a snow day today!! How exciting! I love spending time at home with him and this is a great meal for those cold days at home.  Something a little different from the normal chili.

I just got back from New Orleans, Louisiana. The land of amazing Cajun food. My favorite thing to do there is eat. The smells and the tastes and the variety of food is just amazing. As mentioned in my earlier blog this week, Tracy and I went to a cooking class while in New Orleans at the New Orleans School of Cooking. It was fantastic. Big Kevin was our chef and I learned so much from him while I was there. At the end of the class they gave us a recipe to take home with us, and when I got home I drove straight to the grocery store so I could try this new meal out on Andrew. Here is what I learned:

-Rice is still my arch nemesis. I can never get it to cook the way I want.

-Andouille sausage is not the same in any state as the kind you can get in Louisiana.

-Jambalaya is what ever you want it to be. The things that make it Jambalaya are the sausage, the rice, and The Trinity (which I will explain later).

-You learn something everyday you cook and you only get better with every dish.

-This is a little more difficult than most, but still not to hard.

-Andrew gave this meal an 8 and loved it so much that he ate it everyday.


Here is the recipe, you can add what ever meat you want to make it your own:

Ingredients (Makes 12 servings)

¼ Cup oil

1 cooked chicken, cut up (or shrimp, pork etc.)

1 ½ lbs. Sausage- any firm sausage will work

The Trinity (Next Three Items)

4 cups chopped onions

2 cups chopped celery

2 cups chopped green pepper

1 tbsp. Chopped garlic

4 cups long grain rice

5 cups stock with gravy browning

2 heaping tsp. Louisiana seasoning


Season and brown the chicken in the oil over medium to high heat. Add sausage to pot and saute with chicken. Remove meat from the pot, leaving the drippings in the pot.

Saute The Trinity with the garlic in the drippings to the tenderness you desire. Return the meat to the pot. Add liquid and seasoning to the pot, and bring to a boil.

Stir the rice and return to a boil. Stir again and remove from the heat and cover. Let this sit for 25 mins. Stir and enjoy.

(For seafood jambalaya, add cooked seafood when the pot is removed from heat.)

We loved this meal and will make it many more times. It is great for big events where you need to feed a lot of people and it is a great comfort food. You should try it and let me know what think. Hopefully you love it as much as we did.

Also, a little update on my half marathon training.  I am up to 4 miles and I am feeling great.  Tug has made several runs with me lately and I am surprised how much easier he makes it!  I guess the fear of looking weak in your dogs eyes is enough to make you keep up with his pace.  My race is approaching quickly. I am feeling confident and I can’t wait!

I would love to hear about your attempts in the comment section below. I would also love to hear what recipes you would like for me to try and post about.



One thought on “Thawed Out Thursday: New Orleans Jambalaya

  1. This looks delicious. Added it to my too make list. I’ve yet to actually make it to the half-marathon goal but I’ve trained for it many times and what I’ve found is essential is a fantastic running playlist, not pushing yourself to run faster then you can so you get tired too quick, and you can go further then you think. Good luck!

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