Thunder Thighs Thursday: Charity Miles

Andrew and I are in Kentucky this week! I am so excited to be home and spending time with friends and family.  This time with family was much needed since we haven’t been home since Christmas! Tug is also loving being back in Kentucky because it means he gets to run and play on 1,000+ acres! To say the least I have a very very tired puppy.  

I am still keeping up with my running this month and it has gotten a lot easier to find the encouragement to go run here lately. My mileage is still low but I have been pushing myself to make some great gains.  I have also been doing a lot of research and have learned a lot about running.   I learned that I should be running different distances throughout the week and not the same distance every time I go run. I also learned that running the same route or trail is not good for you either because your muscles get use to it. So I have changed up my routine quite a bit here lately.

I am also looking into getting a bike! A fancy bike, to do some biking with. They say it makes for great cross training to running. So I am looking into it and the Natchez Trace is a great place for biking so I am excited to see how it goes. If you have any advice on bikes, let me know.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was to talk about my running app, Charity Miles. I love this app and it is simple and great to keep up with the mileage I run. So this app also has another great feature that I love! For every mile you walk, bike or run you raise money for a charity of your choosing! A donor will donate the money on your behalf! So it doesn’t cost you anything!

I love giving back as much as I can and this is a great way to motivate me to run more. Granted I am not raising a lot of money yet, per run, but everything helps! I always run for St. Jude. I worked there for a while and I love the mission of the hospital.

This app is extremely simple. You pick how you are working out, run, bike or swim, and then you pick your charity. There are a lot of options including St. Jude, Stand Up to Cancer, Wounded Warrior Project, and several others. Then you start moving. The app will use your GPS to calculate mileage, time and impact made. It isn’t anything amazing but it is simple enough for me to use and I don’t get confused by all the numbers on the screen. All I care about is how far I go.

You should check this app out if you are an avid runner. It will run in the background so you can listen to music and use other apps. Make sure you post your mileage to social media too when you are done! That’s how the money gets donated to your charity! Oh and did I mention this app is free?! You can use it at no cost to you!

What is your favorite running app? What is your favorite Charity?

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.



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