The Most Akwardly Perfect Proposal Ever


One year ago today Andrew asked me to marry him.  It’s crazy to think a year ago today we decided to make this relationship a forever kind of thing.  But here we are a year later, happily married.  

When you hear about someone getting engaged you think theatrics and “awww,” but our proposal was very different. Our proposal is probably one of the worst in the history of proposals. 

Most of you know Andrew and I are huge baseball fans! I love the Reds and he loves the Braves, a house divided but we make it work. I had purchased tickets for every Reds home game in April, and since Andrew was coming up from Tupelo to visit, we decided it would be fun to go.  The Reds were playing the Rays and it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We go to the park got crammed into our upper level seats and enjoyed the game.  

In the between the 3rd and 4th innings I was about to head down to visit the ladies room and grab us some ice cream when Andrew grabs my arm and says, “Babe, Look! Second row very last one!” Confused I turned my head to where he had pointed and the big screen reads “Kourtney will you marry me? -Andrew”

I was in shock I turned around to find Andrew struggling to kneel in between the two seats, with a look of sheer pain on his face, holding a ring box.  He finally gives up on trying to get down on one knee and gets back in his seat and just hands me the ring box.  I looked at it and then at him and said, “Well put it on!” 

This whole thing happened in front of more than 100 people in our section and not a single one of them noticed.  I turned around to the lady behind me and literally punched her (completely on accident) and asked her to take a picture.  Surprisingly, she did and the picture was horrible.  I got my phone back and then we just sat there.  

What do you do after a proposal? I’m not really sure but it was extremely awkward. It was the most awkward situation, because you want everyone to know but you don’t know if screaming at the baseball stadium is acceptable. So we ended up leaving and heading back home. Where he dropped me off and then headed back to Tupelo. 

All and all it is one of the most awkward things to ever happen to me, but also one of the best.  Andrew and I have never had a perfect relationship. We are actually both extremely awkward and weird so this proposal was perfect for us.  In all its awkwardness I wouldn’t expect anything less from the two of us.  When I tell people our engagement story most laugh and make fun, but it will always be one of the best days of my life. We both still look back on it and smile. You don’t need to have a fairy tale engagement to have a happy marriage, a complete failure will work just a good. Plus the Reds won and hit like 3 grand slams that day! What more could you ask for?!   

How did you get engaged? What is your dream proposal?

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.



3 thoughts on “The Most Akwardly Perfect Proposal Ever

  1. I love this because you said it was the worst and the best haha. I think I’ve always wanted to get proposed to at a sporting event because I love sports. But at the same time I’d love to be surrounded by our family.


    1. I was the same way! What I failed to mention was that Andrew had planned to propose to me in front of all my friends and family at my softball game that same weekend but last minute the team we were playing had to cancel so he really threw the whole thing together in about a day! I wish more than anything the other way would have worked out but I’m happy with our story!


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