About Kourtney


Hello guys!

My name is Kourtney Roe and welcome to my blog.

I recently got married and life is simply amazing! My husband Andrew is the love of my life and my best friend. God has blessed me with so many amazing things lately and I am simply amazed by his glory.

I am originally from the great state of Kentucky and I miss it dearly every day!  I will forever be a Kentucky girl at heart, but my husband and I have done some moving around since getting married.  At first we lived in Memphis, TN and recently we have moved to Tupelo, MS.

I got my degree from Eastern Kentucky University and I love my alma mater. I root for the Colonels in all sports even if they aren’t a big school.  I do root for the UK Wildcats though when my husband makes me watch the games.

I am currently getting my masters in teaching from the University of Memphis, and I cannot wait to get my first classroom.

I have the most wonderful family and friends in the entire world and they support me in everything I do.  I am also the proud mom to two furbabies Tug, who is a black lab and Elsa, who is a small gray kitten.

I love the great outdoors and spending time in the sun.  I am learning to fish and hunt from my husband, but I also love to hike and play softball.  I love to craft and create fun new items and spaces.  I am also attempting to create a healthier lifestyle for myself, I’ll let you know how this one goes.

Andrew and I have a lot firsts coming up and I am excited to share them with you.  Hopefully through this blog we can find the joy in the messy situations and bask in the amazing opportunities God puts in front of us.


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